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Monday 30 April 2012

It's Inexplicable!

    I can see Number 6 buying a copy of The Tally Ho newspaper everyday, and possibly feeling sorry for a particular citizen, a bag of sweets for her. But surely the daily activity of Number 6 is wrong! Does he really buy a bar of soap every day?
    The Tally Ho's a Village newspaper issued daily at noon. Now we know that issues have carried leader stories on No.6 speaking his mind during the elections, and when No.2 called for an increase in vigilance, and when Number 6 was posted Unmutual. But really, is there enough news created in the Village to warrant a "daily" newspaper?"

Be seeing you


  1. Like predicting that the old lady's plight would trigger No6's behaviour, the computers also calculated the length of time it takes No6 to use up a bar of soap.

    As for the content of The Tally Ho...

    ...look at how much has been written about a 17 part TV series since it first aired in 1967...

    BCNU );oB

    1. Hello Steve,

      Yes, you are perfectly correct. Reams and reams of text have been written about 'the Prisoner' over the years, and it continues to this day, and will do well beyond. One might think that everything that can be written about 'the Prisoner' has been writen, that according to Dave Lally way back in the 1990's. He was in fact, quite wrong.

      Be seeing you