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Friday 13 April 2012

The Therapy Zone

  Number 6 Didn’t Smell A Rat!

   At the time of reaching the cave on the Polish coast during The Chimes of Big Ben, Nadia and No.6 met with Nadia's contact man Karel. Now the question that should have been asked at this time, but at the time probably wasn't even thought of is, just how did Nadia's contact man know that Nadia and No.6 were on their way to him? I mean Nadia had no radio to contact Karel with. And even if it was all up front and kosher, I can't believe for one minute that Karel was at the cave just by chance, or had been waiting there on the off chance that Nadia would turn up. To do that Karel would have to have been actually living in the cave on a permanent basis.
  No Karel , Nadia's contact man was actually Post 5, who No.2 told the Superviser-No.28 to contact, saying that Nadia was on her way. And incidentally, as Karel, or Post 5 as we now know him to be, shoots at the white membranic mass of the village guardian, with his high powered snipers rifle. We discover that the village guardian is bullet proof. That the white membrane is self sealing.

The Black Cat

   Belonged to Number 2 of Dance of the Dead, that much she did confide in Number 6, seeing as how we do not see the cat again after Dance of the Dead, I think we can safely assume that when Number 2 departed the village, she actually took the cat with her.
    Yet we have met this cat before in the previous episode of Many Happy Returns. So perhaps we can also assume that Number 2 of Dance of the Dead was in office at the beginning of Many Happy Returns, because of the presence of the Village cat. Yet if this is the case, how are we to take into account Mrs. Butterworth as Number 2, perhaps she is the new Number 2 and thereby the same can be said of the cat?

I'll be seeing you


  1. The beauty of 'The Prisoner' being an allegory and possibly all in the mind, is that plot flaws and bloopers can be put down to supporting a dreamlike atmosphere...

    BCNU );oB

  2. Hello Steve,

    Well in 'Dance of the Dead' Number 6 did tell Number 2 that he liked his dream.