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Thursday 26 April 2012

The Prisoner Question Time

The Prisoner "What's the name of this place?"
Man in the Bell Tower "What, the Village?"
    "The Village."
   "That's right."
   "The Village."
   "Yes where is this place?"
   "The Village?"
   "Yes, look why don't you come down?"
   "Oh I couldn't do that."
   "What are you doing up there?"
   "I think that's my business. Who are you to go about asking questions?"
   "Look, can you tell me where I am?"
   "In the Village."
   "The Village?"
   "Yes, that's right."
   "Where is this place?"
   "The Village."
   "Yes that's right, oh don't lets start that all over again. Look I'll come up to you."
   "Why would you want to be doing that?"
   "Because I'm getting a kink in my neck looking up to you."
   "Well it's certainly more fun looking down on you me old matey!"
   "Look why are you up there Quasimodo?"
   "No need to call me names. I happen to like the view, besides I'm the Village lookout."
   "Yes, I looks out for planes, ships, lights."
   "Because I'm the Village lookout."
   "Look, stay there, I'll come up to you. Where's the door?"
   "Round the other side, just follow the path."
    "So who are you, Lot's wife?"


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