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Sunday 29 April 2012

Cartoon Capers

Copyright Steve Matt.
Sadly this is the final installment of this particular cartoon strip. And sadly we come to the final posting of Steve's Matt's cartoon strips, which I have to say has been thoroughly enjoyable for me, and I hope you the reader. Should I discover some forgotten work by Steve in my archive, then I shall be more than happy to post it here, just as long as it has 'Prisoner' conotations of course.
Be seeing you


  1. ...and thank you David from ME! It's been a fascinating walk down Memory Lane.

    This final chapter features caricatures of London members whom I regarded as personal friends of mine at the time.

    In the 9th panel on page 16, I added a portrait of Patrick McGoohan's mother (Rose Fitzpatrick) on the wall.

    BCNU );oB

  2. Hello Steve,

    One London member I didn't miss on page 16 is Dave 'Doo' Lally, couldn't miss him, wearing his boater as he always did at Conventions.


  3. It's great to see some of Steve's cartoons again, and to see a few for the first time. Especially good to see those London Group caricatures - brings back memories of the Wellington at Waterloo. Thanks, David, for posting them, and thanks to Steve for his part in those good times.

    From the one formerly known as Davei T.

    1. Hello David,
      Thank you for your comment, always good to hear from readers.
      As it happenes Steve is a friend and reader of my blog, so he might very well read your comment. In any case I am in contact with Steve from time to time, so next when we are in touch I shall pass on your regards to him.

      Very best regards