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Monday 16 April 2012

The Therpay Zone

Debriefing The Subject With No.2

    "Why did you slash your wrists 73? Aren't you happy here?" No.72 shakes here head. "You're not being very co-operative my dear." "There's nothing I can tell you."
    "Come now, No.2 continues, you must know where your husband is." "He's still over there" No.73 tells him. "Where?" "Oh somewhere there. He had some work to finish." "Was he devoted to you?" No.2 asks. "He is devoted to me."
    "Oh, so you don't mind about him and the woman Marya?" "That's a lie!" 73 exclaims. "Stop protecting your husbands memory 73. He went to her hotel several times.... then there was the villa, of course." No.73 clenches her teeth, her eyes welling forth tears. No.2 unzipped his leather document case and takes out a black and white photograph, "let me show you just how loyal your husband is to you..... they look quite at home together" showing the picture to 73. "Would you like to know the date, place.... look."
  At this point No.73 leaps out of bed and out of the hospital window!
   Pity. Pity that they might never find 73's husband. I suppose they'll have to bring the woman Marya to the village instead of the husband! Mind you, if they have the time and date when that photograph was taken, and seeing as 73's husband went to the woman Marya's hotel several times. So surely it would make sense that the next time he goes there all they have to do is lie in wait for him. Then an undertaker can nerve gas him through the keyhole of the hotel room door!

The Power Of The Press

     It has to be said that the press has been accused of manipulation from time to time, manipulation of the news we bring you on a daily basis. And that is true when it comes to the article in which No.6 Speaks His Mind. You will recall the questions put to No.6 by No.113 during the taxi ride to the Town Hall.
No.113 "How are you going to handle your campaign?"
No.6 "No comment!"
No.113 writes "Intends to fight for freedom at all costs. How about your external policy?"
No.6 "No comment."
No.113 writes "Our exports will cover the four corners of the globe. What about your internal policy?"
No.6 "No comment."
"No.113 writes "Will tighten up on village security. Who do you feel about life and death?"
No.6 "Mind your own business!"
No.113 writes "No comment."
   But of course that's not which is written in the article, a story which No.6 has not given to the press, as No.6 Speaks His Mind.
    So this is the manipulative side of the press, by writing and publishing an article which the candidate never said, by putting words in the candidates mouth in fact.
     But the press itself can be manipulated, take the accompanying photograph to this article for example.
       The photographer-No.113b, was snapping away all the time through that interview with No.6, "Smile". However I now question, "Smile", whether or not there was any actual film in his, "Smile" camera. The reason for this, "Smile", is the above photograph, "Smile", "look will you get that bloody camera out of my face!"
    Because really the photograph of No.6 which accompanies the article, should have him wearing a piped blazer, as No.113b was taking the photographs at the time.  
{the moment the flash went off}
    Yet here he is, No.6 pictured wearing civilian attire, of suit and shirt, and tie.
   So was there actual film in No.113's camera, or was he simply wasting good film? And yes, I did write the above article, by putting words in the candidates mouth, words he never once uttered to me. And I am ashamed of what I did, and I want you to know it has never happened since.

Be seeing you


  1. One of my theories concerning the background story of the children in 'The Schizoid Man', is that No73 was their mother.

    How charming of No6 to take time out to read them bedtime stories before his own curfew. It's what No73 would have wanted!

    (Alternatively, they could also be Curtis's children, which explains why they are so comfortable in No6's company!) BCNU );oB

  2. Hi Steve,

    You've been busy with comments me dear fellow, and I've enjoyed reading them.

    As you know I made mention of the possibility that the children might be those of No.73 {Hammer Into Anvil} in a posting today. If so, what life for them in the Village, after their mother had committed suicide by jumping out through a hospital window.
    If this is the case, perhaps Number Six felt some responsibility towards them.

    Curtis's children, that would be confusing for them, if only for the fact Number 6 is wearing a dark blazer with off-white piping! But yes, Number 6 does appear to be at home with the children, and as you say they as comfortable with him.

    I know we should never make more out of 'the Prisoner' than there actually is, McGoohan never wanted that, but thinking outside the box as we like to do, yes, I think he would have allowed that, or maybe not, depending on what mood he was in at the time!

    Very kind regards