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Wednesday 23 April 2014

60 Second Interview With Engadine

    No.113 "You are a very beautiful woman."
    Engadine "That you darling, it very nice of you to say so."
    "Your celebrated parties are the toast of Paris."
   "It's nice of you to say so darling. Perhaps you would like to attend my next party."
   "You always invite the rich, the influential, the powerful, and famous........"
   "And infamous darling, they are the most interesting people of all!"
   "Well yes."
   "You were married?"
   No.113b “Smile” {click goes the camera}
   "Several times darling."
   "And now you are rich?"
   "How do you think I got to be rich?"
   "Well that's not for me to say, but I'd say you divorced them."
   "One died darling."
   "During the second World War you were active in the resistance."
   "Oh course darling, one had to do ones bit, as you English say."
   "And you did your bit as a Madame of the local brothel?"
   "Yes darling, my girls were killing the NAZI’s....................slowly!"
   "And now you are the hostess of Paris."
   "I bring all sorts of people together. Old friends, and new friends, and I keep husbands with their mistresses, and their wives apart."
   "There is a hint of intrigue about your parties."
   "Only between my guests darling. I never get involved."
   "You are an observer of life?"
   "Yes darling, and one who always collects a percentage. Now if you'll excuse me, I must return to the party. I cannot be away so long, someone will see that I'm not there, and then there'll be talk."

Reporter No.113b
Photograph from The Department of Visual Records

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