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Tuesday 8 April 2014

More Village!

    Has anyone seen J. P's pig? I think he calls it Perky, or is it Pinky? He got it just after he'd watched THEPRIS6NER episode Darling. You see the trouble with J.P is, he's far too impressionable. Like that time he had himself sealed up in a crate, like No.6 and Nadia in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ to be delivered to the 1986 Prisoner convention where the crate was supposed to have been opened in the Hercules hall in front of everyone there. Oh the crate arrived at Portmeirion alright, but it was taken to the warehouse by mistake, and that's where J.P spent the entire Prisoner convention weekend, until he was discovered on the Monday morning! He's a scream is Johnny Prisoner!

11-12 went out into the desert, and in his desperation threw away the key to Two's pill cabinet. I wonder how it was that 11-12 was able to recall where it was, in the desert, that he threw the key away? And as 11-12 scrambled about in the sand desperately searching for the key, it was the desert itself which gave up the key! Or was it that even in her awakened state of mind, that 11-12's mother still retained some power over The Village, and it was her that made the desert give up the key!

    11-12 was astounded that anyone would have the audacity to watch him! "Who would do such a thing, and why? 11-12 was afraid that if he was being watched, then his father might find out about his relationship with 909, if he didn't know about it already. So one of them had to go, seeing as how it wasn't going to be 11-12, it had to be, rather selfishly on the part of 11-12 I thought, but it had to be 909, who I thought accepted his ultimate death rather well really..........unless 909 knew that to suffer a Village Death would mean his release from the Village back to that "Other Place." After all 909 was a dreamer, wasn't he?

   I'm astonished no I truly am. I've been studying the three discs of THEPRIS6NER series, and I'm amazed at the number of different British cars there are driving about the streets of the Village Morris Minors of the 1950's and later models of the 1960's seem to be ten-a-penny in the village. You can tell the 1950's Morris Minor, it's the one with the split windscreen. There's a Ford Anglia, a Morris Eight, and a Jowett Javellin with it's distinctive sloped back, not forgetting of course the British "Bubble" car, but it has four wheels instead of three! Two's car, is a Bentley no less. There's the black Bedford van which acts as an ambulance, taking citizens away to the clinic or the Therapy Zone for treatment. The 'Official Vehicle' of the village is another black van, this time a Morris J2 van. There are also Mercedes cars, an American Lincoln I think.........and the compulsory Volks Wagon camper van. And the village taxi is the French Renault Dauphine. And for breakdown and recovery there's 909's Dodge. There's another Dodge seen driving about, a Dodge 4x4, and a Dodge pic-up truck. Oh, and I must not forget the two wheeled types of transport, 1950's bicycles of course, but also Vespa scooters, Volvo’s, and Mercedes .
Yes I'm truly astonished how the production people working on THEPRIS6NER found all those vehicles in Namibia and Cape Town in South Africa. Of course many of them are not out of the ordinary, as many of the vehicles listed, can not only be seen in motor car museums, but can still be seen being driven on our roads today.

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