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Friday 11 April 2014

More Village!

   Two is back amongst us, having had gone out and about in the Village impersonating himself as and Un-Two!
   Two likes his bodyguards enthusiasm, he thought they might knee him in his face and stamp on his brain. Still perhaps another time. Two tells his bodyguards where they can properly direct their exuberance. Perhaps they would like Two to tell them who our Two impersonator really is……….
   “Please help me, they say I’ve been impersonating Two.”
  This is the Shopkeeper 37927who enjoyed an illicit cigarette with the Un-Two, who was Two all the time. But he wasn’t dressed like Two then, and since when did Two take to wearing a scarf in this series? It would appear that Helen/M2 has taken a hand in Two’s sudden betrayal of 37927, in having altered his appearance!

Breathe in….breathe out….more Village!

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