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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Thought For The Day

       Judging by the way “they” looked after both his house and his Lotus Seven while the Prisoner was away in the Village, presumably they expected him to return to it one day. But I don’t think they expected it to be quite so early as ‘Many Happy Returns,’ although they were well prepared when he did. Strangely he knocks on the door, who did he think would be there to answer his knock, his fianceé Janet Portland perhaps. But no, it’s a house maid, who looks down her nose at the raggedy man standing on the doorstep. The Prisoner asks the maid who owns the house? Why should he ask that? He must have remembered that the lease still had six months to run, and that that six months was not yet up.
  After Mrs Butterworth had finished with the Lotus Seven it must have been put in a garage until required again, which was in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’ I wonder how KAR 120C was brought back from Kandersfeld in Austria? I cannot see it being driven back by someone working either for Sir Charles Portland or the Village. More than likely the Lotus Seven was flown back to London in a cargo plane. And that was it for both the house No.1 Buckingham Place and the Lotus Seven until they were made ready for the Prisoner’s return during ‘Fall Out.’ And seeing as who Number 1 turned out to be, it could be said that Number 1’s town house was being made ready for him. But then it must have been Number 1’s house all the time, seeing as the Prisoner had the house’s lease.

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