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Saturday 26 April 2014

Thought For The Day

    Once Upon A Time And The Unfair Treatment Of Number Six!
   No.6 "I Appeal my Lord!"
   No.2-Judge "Appeal, You're getting the same treatment!"
   No.6 "I appeal against unfair treatment!"
   No.2-Judge "You're getting the same treatment as everybody else!"
   No.6 "I, I know. That's why I'm going to appeal against unfair treatment!"

    Number Six, being treated unfairly, when he's getting the same treatment as everybody else. It seems to me that Number Six sets himself up very highly, even to the point of putting himself above everyone else. Number Six confesses that he was rebelling, rebelling against the figures was rebelling against the figures. Fair enough, I can understand why the Prisoner wouldn’t want to be simply known by his number. But then wasn’t that the case before his abduction to the Village? That he was known by his code name ZM73. Surely that’s not why he resigned! But then again, the Prisoner had been recruited into the Civil Service Banking service. Meaning that they were responsible for getting money paid to British agents whilst working in the field, and that means a courier would take the money to an agent working behind the Iron Curtain. Money an agent would need to pay members of his spy ring etc. And it is not by coincidence that Patrick McGoohan, for a time, worked in a Bank, until he resigned. Rebelling against the figures?!

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