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Wednesday 30 April 2014


    "RESIGN" that's a suggestion isn't it, not a statement. After all if Michael had resigned he would have written "I resign." Mind you Michael may have told someone that he had resigned from Summakor, and yet a resignation does have to be in writing. But even then it wasn't over, Michael isn't free, he is still being controlled by them, in the Village, through his mind. Which demonstrates that in New York Michael has no notion of what is happening in his subconscious, in the Village! And in the Village Two never once asks Six why he resigned! Finding out the reason behind Michael's resignation was left to Lucy to find out back in New York. Two doesn't want to know why Six resigned, because he wants to pass on the company of Summakor to Michael, to carry on where Curtis leaves off. And basically that is what THEPRIS6NER is all about.
  With the original series of 'the Prisoner' there is a question as to how long the Village has been going. "This place has been going for a long time" Little Bo-Peer {No.240} tells the Prisoner. He asks, since the war, before the war, which war? "A long time." However with THEPRIS6NER we know that the Village has been going since 2006, such is the year noted during the opening titles of the series.

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