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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Caught On Camera!

    I was reading through some old issues of Number Six magazine, and spotted a letter referring to a mistake made in Living In Harmony and is the following.
    "It starts when the stranger {Patrick McGoohan} is in jail. The Kid pulls one of his guns on him, but the stranger simply sits on his bunk rolling a cigar and ignores him. The Kid draws his gun again, and the stranger continues enjoying his cigar. But when the Kid draws his gun for the third time, we see the stranger lighting up the cigar......this must be a mistake?"
    Well what else would you do with a cigar, but light it! The only mistake made, and it has nothing to do with the scene, is actually made by the author of the above piece. Patrick McGoohan isn't rolling a cigar, but rolling himself a cigarette. The cigarette paper is brown because it's "liquorice" paper!

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