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Thursday 24 April 2014

Pictorial Prisoner

   Is that what you would call our friend No.6, an eccentric? Well what else would you call a man who daily climbs the Bell Tower, who satisfies another eccentrics eccentricities, by sitting to have his portrait painted in ‘It's Your Funeral.’ Such is the perfect likeness which No.6 declares of the abstract painting, as he humours a fellow eccentric!
   In the case of the latter, No.6 only sits to have his portrait painted so as to learn from No.18 about Jammers, so you see there is always a reason why No.6 does something. As for the former, well I'm not so sure No.6 likes the view {which was suggested by the daily prognosis report} that much to warrant him climbing the Bell Tower on a daily basis. It’s far more probable that he's still looking for a sign from his world, a light, a boat, or a plane, in much the same way as he did that night of the ‘Dance of the Dead.’ And in that case the prognosis doesn’t work! Mind you I think No.118 has caught the Six inside perfectly!

Be seeing you


  1. The painting symbolises the "enigma machine" that No. 6 is (considered to be). - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Well quite. But the enigma could also be applied to the Butler, after all we know more about Number Six than we do the butler. As inside him lies a real enigma!

      Very kind regards

  2. Absolutely. But here - it's a portrait of No. 6 here. - BCNU!