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Wednesday 30 April 2014

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  Just imagine for a moment if you will, that if the interim No.2, and No.1 for that matter, had not involved No.6 in the plot to assassinate/execute the retiring No.2, plan division Q might very well have succeeded! And then the mass reprisals which were predicted by No.6, but which I like to think of as a “purge,” to rid the Village of any and all malcontents, could have been carried out indiscriminately. But do not forget No.6 is top of that list of malcontents according to the interim No.2, public enemy No.1! But the trouble was, No.6 became essential to the plot, as a matter of credibility, without which the plan may backfire. Well the plan did backfire, and the new No.2 would have paid the price for that, and they might have known that any previous plan involving No.6 was never know to succeed. Perhaps that’s it, perhaps plan division Q was just another of those tests set against No.6, to see if he could foil such a plot to assassinate/execute a No.2. After all, had plan division Q been successful, that would have meant that any purge of all malcontents in the Village would have had to have included No.6, and No.1 wouldn’t want that now would he.....would he?

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