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Saturday 12 April 2014

Caught In The Dark!

   "This some of your work?"
   "Nothing to do with me Patrick. The studio lights seem to have fused."
   "Well someone needs to do something about it, don't they?!!!"
   Voice from the darkness "We need a two stroke d replacement."
   "Well get electrics to get a new fuse from stores."
   Voice from the darkness "Righto Pat."
   "Are you going to light that candle?"
   "I can't find the matches!"
   "Where the hell is electrics?"
   Voice from the darkness "The electrician is on his way."
   "Well tell him to get a move on, tell him its an emergency!"
   Voice from the darkness "Righto Pat."
   "This is what it's like, working in the dark!"
   "How do you mean Pat?"
   "I'm surrounded by incompetence!"
   Voice from the darkness "We heard that!"
   "Well just get these lights fixed!"
   "I do wish you would light that candle Patrick."
   "I still can't find the matches!"
   "I've got a match, your face and.........."
   "Not if you want to be working on this episode this afternoon you haven't!"


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