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Saturday 12 April 2014

The Village!

    It is said that the location of the Village was not to be revealed until the final episode of 'the Prisoner' series. And yet anyone who had stayed, or have visited Portmeirion prior to the screening of the series would instantly know the film location for the Village. Indeed there are those people who appeared in 'the Prisoner,' as film extras, what's more Portmeirion wasn't a closed location shoot, as day visitors and guests were still allowed to stay at Portmeiron. So the location for the Village wasn't such a secret. However for the many television viewers at the time it still would be. But in wanting to keep the location for the Village a secret from the television viewers at the time a secret, they still couldn't help but put a few teasers into the series. An obvious one of course is the 'Penny Plain' Portmeirion crockery used. The Portmeirion label seen on the bottom of the cup when No.6 pours the cup of drugged tea into the flower vase in 'A Change Of Mind.' Using the name Portmeirion in the address;
Mr. Saltzman
20 Portmeirion Road
Filey Clyde
in 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.' But the references to Portmeirion commenced in 'Many Happy Returns,' with Thorpe saying A set of photographs taken at ground level of a holiday resort." I suspect little did the majority of television viewers at the time realise, just how right Thorpe was!

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