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Wednesday 30 April 2014

We want Information Information Information!

    Just as No.2 and his administration seek information, the prisoner known as No.6 is desperate to hold on to the information inside his head. He No.6 knows that if he gives away the reason behind his resignation then it would be only a matter of time before they took all the rest. Yes the Prisoenr did give away his time of birth on the day of his arrival, but he probably thought there was no real danger in that, seeing as they probably left it out of his file on purpose! You can see No.6's determination to reisist giving any sort of information away in 'Dance of the Dead,' when the doctor tries to get No.6 to talk through using Roland Walter Dutton to gain information about all the files he's seen, the projects he's seen, headlines not details. In the Village information is a key comodity, and they'll get it by hook or by crook. Failing that, they change the minds of any number of individuals so that their agents can go about the world gathering information. Then to be brought back to the Village, have the information extracted from their minds, who then have all unpleasant memories of the Village wiped from their minds, and sent out in order to gather yet even more information.
   All that seems ridiculous doesn't it? But then the ridiculous happns every day, and is not "information" an important comodity in todays society. The government wants to know all about us, who we are, where we go, about the people we see. How we are going to vote in the next elections. Every few years information is gathered about us through a census which is taken of every citizen living in Britain, and it is a criminal offence not to fill in a census form. Information is gathered about us in so many ways, even by the supermarkets. They know the weekly groceries you buy, and so you are expected to buy those same groceries next week, and the week after, they give you "money off" coupons for a number of items you regularly buy. "They," like No.2 and his administration want information about you, and they get it far easier than you might at first think!


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