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Sunday 20 April 2014

Give The General the Basic Facts

   If, as No.2 tells us, that there is no question from advanced mathematics to molecular structure, from philosophy to crop-spraying that the General cannot answer, given the basic facts. No.2 was going to have some basic facts about there being a traitor in the Village fed into the General, a demonstration of infallibility. Point one a traitor in the Village. Point two security pass discs were issued to No.6 {don’t forget the top hat, black overcoat and general dress attire of a Administrative Top Hat official}. Point three access to these are through where, through where? Administration. Exactly so put that down, also that No.12 is an official in Administration. And that's why No.6 pushed to ask the General a question that cannot be answered {that was quick thinking, I wonder how he came up with that one?} in order to deflect No.2 from discovering, via the General, that No.12 is the traitor working in the Village. Mind you I think No.2 had a pretty good idea, but needed independent confirmation of what he suspected. So I wonder why didn't No.2 simply feed the General with the basic facts about No.6, to have the General reach and compute the Prisoner’s whole life and thereby through the General, discover that way why No.6 resigned? Perhaps to ask the question simply never occurred to him!

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  1. Hello David,
    I like this mind game.. I'm wondering what would have happened if they had included it in the episode? Possibly, if McGoohan had written or revised the script, the General would have given out a new question instead of an answer, or maybe an answer like 42, or even a photograph of Number 6... Or what if the answer would have been 2 photographs of A and B? Then The General should have been broadcasted prior to A, B & C.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,
      Perhaps in 'A B and C' after they had researched the Prisoner's whole life, No.2 used the General to compute the Prisoner's whole life, and it was the General who came up with the answer of A B and C!

      Very kind regards

    2. Hello David,
      yes, that's a possibility!
      Very kind regards,