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Tuesday 22 April 2014

The Three Faces of The Prisoner

        On the morning of his arrival, the Prisoner tried to make a telephone call, but no number, no call. And even though the telephones are modern cordless telephones, the Village telephone system still requires a telephone operator in order to put your call through.
    Number Six is always swift to take advantage of any given opportunity. For example when he finds a dead body on the beach during ‘Dance of the Dead,’ he doesn’t report the find, instead he hides the body in a cave, and later uses it to try and send a message to the outside world.
    He wants to escape, to be free of the Village. But there are times when Number Six shows definite signs of settling down, and as he directs newly arrived Nadia Rakovsy to the Green Dome, across the street, up the steps you can’t miss it. And also when Nadia asks if she can get a car here, he explains taxis only, local service. And where will they take you? Anywhere you like, just as long as you arrive back here in the end, that’s why they're called local. And that makes No.6 sound like a seasoned villager. And certainly he has embraced both the Village salute, and the greeting............. "Be seeing you" even though at times it could be a rather casual salute!


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