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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Ready When You Are Number Six! by our own reporter

  Yesterday it was a running start for No.6, as a race took place between him in the jet boat, and No.2 in the helicopter. How did the idea for the race come about? It seems that there was a bit of an argument between No.6 and No.2 on which was faster, the jet boat or the helicopter? The argument seems to have taken place one night in The Therapy Zone. No.6 said that he could out-pace the helicopter by miles on the water, leaving No.2 far behind in his wake! No.2 replied that the helicopter could fly rings round the jet boat, and when No.6 suggested that No.2 was an old man, and therefore too slow to "run with the Hare!! The argument then became so heated, that No.2 threw down the challenge of a race, and suggested that No.6 "take to the skies" while No.2 would take to the water. But No.6 said that as he'd been out foxed once before when he tried the helicopter, that he would take the boat, and No.2 could have the helicopter, to which No.2 agreed.
   As the helicopter, with No.2 at the controls, lifted off from the lawn by the sea wall, No.6 fired up the engine of the jet boat and quickly set off across the water, with No.2 in hot pursuit. No.6 was quickly caught up by No.2, it was now just a question of who would reach the chequered flag first.
   But it soon appeared that No.6 wasn't interested in the race at all, as the jet boat was quickly approaching the southern outer perimeter. It turned out that No.6 was using the race to try and escape! It would seem that the Hare was running, and about to out pace the tortoise who turned out to be a cunning creature. For No.6 had deliberately chosen not to take the helicopter because of the remote control capability of the flying machine, and No.2 knew this. But No.6 had not taken into account that the same remote capability could be applied to the boat as well. And so it was, that the race was prematurely terminated, and the boat, along with No.6 on board, was returned to the confines of the Village, much to No.6's indignation!

Our own reporter
Photographer No.113b

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