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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Thought For The Day

   The doctor in ‘Checkmate’ reads a summary of the psychological reports on the tests carried out on No.6. Its’ just as she thought, aggressive tendencies. Well anyone could have told her that No.6 has aggressive tendencies, the doctor didn’t need psychological tests to find that out. Then the doctor recommended a leucotomy to knockout the aggressive centres of the brain. Well if she got that operation wrong two things could happen. Nothing, meaning the patient remains as he is, or the patient is left a docile imbecile just like those brainwashed imbecile members of the Town Council!
    No.2 is sure that they can help No.6 adjust without such drastic action. Quite right, No.6 is far too important, you didn’t want to be left with a docile imbecile. But on the other hand, just how much, longer can the Village Administration allow No.6 to adjust in his own sweet time, before they must take such drastic measures?

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