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Sunday 20 April 2014

Thought For The Day

    No.2 should guard his words more carefully! He gives every impression he's drunk, and so the first time I watched 'Free For All' No.2 had me believing him when he gives No.6 a toast "To hell with the Village!" But then he knows there is no surveillance in The Therapy Zone. No.2 in the General however, his words are heard by others, for when Madam Professor asks No.2 what it is No.6 wants he replies "What we all want ultimately, to escape." This time I like to think that No.2's words are genuinely spoken in an unguarded moment. And yet No.2 is very proud of the Village, as he sees it as a blueprint for world order, the whole Earth as the Village, that is his hope. Well it was until he had his eyes opened {I'm not quite sure how that happened} and became disillusioned with No.1, that if he is to die he will die with his own mind in open defiance.

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