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Friday 11 April 2014

Quote For The Day

   “This is a new one, yours is the first name on it, there’s no indication of the previous owner.”
    “The estate agent arranged it all. They said the car was for sale. It was reasonable, and I’ve always had a taste for a little speed.”
        {Peter Smith and Mrs. Butterworth – Many Happy Returns}

   Once again it has to be said that the Prisoner took it all in his stride, not only the fact that someone was now living in his house when there was still six months on the lease to run. But also the fact that she had bought his beloved Lotus Seven, a car he built with his own hands. Since when did estate agents go about selling other people’s cars from under them? And why the need for a new log book for the car? What did it matter if the Prisoner’s name was on the log book? But then that would prove that the sale of the car, had been a felonious act. Seeing as the sale of the car never really took place, it’s a trivial point. Mind you someone had had to have taken care of the Prisoner's car after his abduction to the Village. The car couldn’t have been left parked outside No.1 Buckingham place on a single yellow line for very long. It would have had parking tickets slapped on it, then a Police warning notice saying something about warning the owner that if the car isn’t moved it will be towed away, something on those lines. So really someone was doing the Prisoner a great favour, not to mention that in keeping the Lotus Seven ready for the car's owner, that one day they expected him to return home to London.

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