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Sunday 27 April 2014

What's That No.6 Up To?

    No.6 is always up for a challenge, as he endeavours to swim across the estuary. This then is wild swimming. Not for No.6 a quick dip in the Village Lido, for him only the exhillaration that wild swimming can bring. But there is a danger, the current in the estuary is very strong. And there is the temperature of the water to be taken into consideration. No more than ten or perhaps fifteen minutes can be tolerated in such cold temperatures. But No.6 is always very game, and No.2 takes no chances with No.6's health, as a life buoy is on standby should No.6 get into difficulties. Nadia Rakovsy, who at the age of seventeen was an Olympic bronze medallist, once attempted to swim the estuary, but she could not swim so far because she was only used to an indoor Olympic size swimming pool. Wild swimming is a totally different kettle of fish, as No.6 is finding out. He's tiring, you can tell that much. It's the cold water you see, he has to use more energy to keep going, and the more energy he uses, the more tired and cold he becomes. Perhaps that's why No.6 didn't change into swimming trunks before he set off on his swim, thinking that his everyday Village attire would add a little insulation against the cold....he was wrong! Sad to report, No.6 didn't make it to the far side of the estuary, but it was a valiant attempt on his part. And I'm sure that next time No.6 will onc eagain be up to the challenge whatever that might be.



  1. Patrick Powers19 June 2021 at 13:01

    He should have worn swimming would be relaxing without the pants and shoes in the water but so sorry for him! BCNU!

    1. I would have pictured No.6 wearing a pair of swimming trunks, but we never see him wearing any. So the question is, does No.6 have a pair of trunks? I suppose he could have packed a pair seeing as after he had handed in his resignation he was heading for a tropical beach somewhere, judging by the two travel broachers he put in a suitcase in the opening sequence!

      Be seeing you