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Saturday 19 April 2014

It Doesn't Really Mean Anything!

    What's It all about? Is it all a load of baloney? Did Patrick McGoohan take us for both fools and a ride? 'The Prisoner' is all very well, I mean it sounds very nice and all that, but it doesn't actually mean anything. On the other hand, 'the Prisoner' can be looked at as an abstract painting upon which you add your own conclusion. It's a question of perspective and interpretation, after all 'the Prisoner' is what fans make it. Anything from an action spy drama to the individual's struggle from the suffocation of society. A disturbing nightmare. A prediction for the future. It might be political or social, a commentary on modern civilisation. The possibility that if you understand 'the Prisoner' you know your place in the universe, which for myself personally goes beyond the mark, and  demonstrates the importance that can be placed on what is after all a television series. Do I take 'the Prisoner' seriously? Yes it has been known, and to look at the series through the reality, looking at 'the Prisoner' as if it were real, and not a piece of fiction, and thereby asking how Number 6 could possibly survive in certain situations? I also poke fun at it, in turning situations into something else, thereby saving myself from placing 'the Prisoner' on a pedestal.


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