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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Thought For The Day

    It has always been my opinion that it is the British who are behind the Village. So I can understand why Sir Charles Portland put Potter on the trail of the Prisoner, when they were looking for Professor Seltzman. But why the Undertaker? I should have thought that Potter would have been enough, if as I say, the British are behind the Village. And yet the Undertaker is an agent working for the Village but operating in Britain.
   Is the side which doesn't have the Seltzman machine looking for Seltzman? The Village want the reversal process, and probably want to keep Seltzman safe in the Village so to protect him. Thereby stopping another side from acquiring a Seltzman machine, that would be the British would it? Well it would have to be, wouldn't it. After all the Colonel has been seconded to the Village for special duties, and he isn't the first. I cannot believe that every Colonel who has found himself seconded to the Village is a traitor. So when working for the Village, the Colonel continues to work for the British. So why the need for the Undertaker to follow the Prisoner as well as Potter? Perhaps they sent Potter to follow the Prisoner, and the Undertaker to follow Potter, as insurance perhaps.

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