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Tuesday 29 April 2014

The Prisoner Under the Spotlight

   Over the years there have been many "Great Debates" within the realm of Prisoner Appreciation, and one such debate is who actually beat the other in the gunfight of Living In Harmony? many fans have tried to see who draws first McGoohan or Kanner? Alexis Kanner claimed that he Beat McGoohan to the draw in that scene. What a load of old tosh that man used to speak and claim about his involvemnet with the Prisoner!
   All one has to do is go to this point in the gunfight scene frame by frame, as I have done, and you will clearly see that it's McGoohan's gun which clears his holster first, and the first gun to fire. McGoohan drew first and Kanner should have lost the bet he claimed to have won over the gunfight scene! You see Alexis Kanner had a bet with some of the film crew, which he claims he won, clearly he didn't! Oh I know it's all too late now, but fans have argued and debated about this for decades. And no, I wasn't one of them. But I do like to get things cleared up.
    In It's Your Funeral No.6 doesn't know his own wristwatch enough to know it has been swapped for another similarly identical one - what even the little scratches you find on any watch? The same general wear of the leather strap? My god they're clever!
   During The Chimes of Big Ben, No.6 escorts a new arrival in the village to the Green Dome. As he does so, No.6 appears to be almost at home in The Village. It's no wonder that Nadia Rakovski took No.6 for No.2's assistant!
    A B & C is a primary example of surrealism in the Prisoner, as much of the epsiode takes place in No.6's dream. However towards the end, with No.6 only partially drugged, his projected visions are as if he is partly awake and partly asleep. And when No.6 is heading for the secret laboratory somewhere in the woods, watching No.6's progress on the wall screen. It must have been a very surreal moment to see the pair of steel doors of the laboratory slide open on the wall screen, but not the actual doors, and to watch No.6 walk in on the both of them, in his dream that is!
   If there is any likeable No.2, then it is No.2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ He is the only No.2 to share a real rapport with No.6, and the television viewer. He is loyal, efficient, a successful, and established member of the community, as well as the establishment, what's more his laugh is infectious ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
   He plays the game well with No.6, and we, the viewer, enjoy watching No.2 play the game. He allows No.6 some leeway, but knows exactly what No.6's plan is from the moment of it's conception, and enjoys watching No.6 carry out his plan, knowing that there is no possibility of escape. He likes No.6, and sees him as being a better man than he. But there is danger, and despite this danger No.2 still puts his life on the line, and ultimately pays the cost with his life.
   He is a jovial No.2, who enjoys his work. Perhaps he enjoys The Village, he certainly appears very much at home. And in that, it is possibly the reason why he sees the whole earth as the Village, such is his dream. Untill that is, the time of his resuscitation. His eyes have been opened, and if he is to die, then he will die with his own mind, that he will no longer be hypnotised by No.1!

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