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Friday 17 March 2017

A Quick Flip In The Helicopter!

    The landing stage might just be a quick flip in the helicopter from The Village, but from Number 6’s cottage to the helicopter pad outside the Recreation Hall it’s a fair journey by taxi! After Number 6 emerges from that house, containing the mock-up of the Colonel’s office in ‘The Chimes of Ben, he walks over to the Recreation Hall where he pauses to salute Number 2, Fotheringay, and Nadia standing on the steps. Then he walks on to his cottage which appears to be only a short walk away. And yet in ‘The Schizoid Man’ Numbers 2 and 6 are driven from Number 6’s cottage out into the countryside along a long lane before arriving in another part of The Village and the helicopter pad located outside the Recreation Hall. Between there and the main Village there is a great deal of open countryside, so what stops people from disappearing into it? I had never thought about this before, not until I watched ‘The Schizoid Man’ on Wednesday night. Instead of concentrating on the conversation taking place between Numbers 2 and 6 in the back of the taxi, I concentrated my attention on the passing countryside. There seemed to be a great deal of it for anyone to disappear into, and no sign of the mountains!

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