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Tuesday 28 March 2017

Quote For The Day

    “Five, that’s me!”
                         {Number 6 – Once Upon A Time}

    Of course he’s five, that came about when Number 2 and the Supervisor were checking the profundity, with the Supervisor counting slowly from one to five and then holding in five five five five five, loudly on five, then more softly five five five until it was over and Number 6 became 5. But is that his number as in “Five that’s me,”, or the age of five to which his mind had been regressed, remembering that at the age of five would be when he first went to school. Or it could be both, depending on how you look at it. I suppose it wasn’t 1 that the Supervisor had been told to hold on one one one one one that would mean Number 6 saying “one that’s me!” Which might have been apt the way things turned out, but completely useless to Number 2, and yet he had been left holding the baby so to speak!

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