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Sunday 12 March 2017

Village People!

    Those people relaxing on the beach in trunks, bikinis, and bathing costumes, what do you suppose they are doing? This isn’t Brighton or the south of France, this is The Village! If they are prisoners they appear to be making the best of a bad thing. On the other hand, they might be working for The Village, and here they are, either on their lunch break, or enjoying their day off at the beach. While others promenade along the cliff top.
   Mind you Number 8 doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself, she seems to be in quiet contemplation, perhaps considering what she is about to do, and the danger that is about to befall her. Because no doubt Nadia Rakovsky had been briefed about the membranic Guardian, and the effects she is about to experience. After all it’s a far, far braver thing that she is about to do. But more fool her some might say!

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