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Thursday 30 March 2017

It’s Diabolical!

    No extreme measures to be used yet, is what the new Number 2 said in his report. I wonder what those extreme measures might be? Only I should have thought the techniques used against the Prisoner, known as Number 6, since the day of his arrival were extreme enough. Such as not only getting into his dreams, but manipulating them. Or taking away his identity so that they could give him a new one, a new number, a change in appearance in order that one day he would wake up as someone else who bears a remarkable resemblance to Number 6. Or perhaps the worst thing, to transfer his mind into another man’s body! What could be more extreme than that?
    Number 2 told the Prisoner that he agreed that they had taken quite a liberty in having brought him to the Village. But seeing as he was there....well it wasn’t in Number 2’s remit to let a prisoner leave The Village simply because he thought they had taken quite a liberty. And besides how do we know he’s speaking the truth in what he says? After all one of his predecessors once gave the toast “To hell with The Village,” and he was speaking with forked tongue! Mind you I think it might be possible to believe one of Number 2’s predecessors when he explained to Madam Professor about Number 6. That he wants what most of them want ultimately...... to escape! He seemed to be sincere in his somewhat unguarded words.

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