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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Citizen No.6

    Be seeing you. You’ll be seeing us alright, you won’t be able to help it! They stitched you up a treat, not only is there no-one in The Village you can trust, but you cannot even trust your ex-colleagues. And yet why should they bother about you? After all you turned your back on them by resigning from the service, and yet you expect to have your cake and eat it, butter spread on both sides of the sandwich. Off you went back to those who you thought would be able to help you, well you know better now don’t you. And where did it get you that’s what I ask. Well it didn’t get you anywhere, except back in The Village. In fact you were hardly away at all. All you did was sail along the coast for about 30 miles, and then you were brought back to The Village sealed in a crate.
    You were bamboozled by a pretty woman, a damsel in distress. Just because you thought she knew where The Village was you allowed yourself to get close to her. And in your eagerness to believe Nadia, which was probably her real name as spies do use their own first name for obvious reasons, you didn’t once consider how it was possible for Nadia to make contact with that man in the cave, so that he knew to expect her, when she was incarcerated in The Village! Never mind, you’ll know better next time, firstly not to place your trust in women, and secondly not to try running back to your ex-colleagues!

Be seeing you

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