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Monday 20 March 2017

Quote For The Day

    “You’re following me!”
    “I had to see you. When do you plan to escape?”
    “How do you know I was going to?”
    “Well everyone tries to escape when their spirit’s broken. Tell me your plan and I’ll help.”
    “Help who?”
    “Well I like you, if it’s a good plan I’ll escape with you I’ve often helped with other people’s plans.”
    “Why are you still here?”
    “Well none of them ever succeeded.”
    “That’s a coincidence!”
    “I’d be invaluable experience, at least I could tell you what not to try.”
    “How do I know I can trust you?”
    “That’s the risk you’ll have to take.”
    “Not me!”
                                  {Number 6 and Number 8 – Checkmate}

    It’s no wonder Number 6 didn’t trust Number 8, he must have remembered previous experiences with women, especially one woman of that same number! It makes one wonder just how many other potential escapees Number 8 helped with their plans, and how many of them she betrayed, even unwittingly!
    Number 6 went about The Village selecting reliable men, men you understand and not women. After all in the previous episode Number 6 said never trust a woman, not even the four legged variety, and obviously by the time of ‘Checkmate’ he was still of the opinion.
    As for Number 8, she is a woman in love, the only trouble is that that love has been manufactured! Such is Number 8’s belief that she would save Number 6 from his own folly. The funny thing is she doesn’t betray Number 6, in fact we do not see Number 8 again after she is seen down on the beach via the wall screen in the Control Room. No, this time Number 6 is betrayed by a man, Number 53 who put to Number 6 his own test, when he was paddling the raft just off shore, and came to the conclusion that he was one of them! That’s why he paddled back to the shore, and hurried back to the Green Dome in order to persuade the others, and release Number 2. But he wasn’t really betrayed by Number 53. Number 6 was betrayed by his own folly, he was too clever for his own good. He took command of the venture to escape The Village, his reliable men went by his authority, but then someone had to be in charge, and who else was there? If it had been a democratic escape attempt, with each man having a say, nothing would have got done. One man had to be the boss, telling others what to do, after all, isn’t that what Number 1 does?

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