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Thursday 16 March 2017

The Pri50ner

     It’s strange, that although I have remained a faithful devotee to ‘the Prisoner’ for the past 50 years, there have been times when I thought the series had become a little stale. I thought very strongly about that with the advent of the second series, when THEPRIS6NER came to British television screens in 2010 it was like a breath of fresh air to me personally. And yet I have never given up on ‘the Prisoner,’ I have never forgotten the series, I’ve always kept it in mind. But somehow with the re-screening of the series by ‘True Entertainment’ it’s as though I’ve fallen in love with ‘the Prisoner’ all over again. As I’ve been writing today’s three entries for my blog page yesterday, I was playing my two ‘Prisoner’ soundtrack LP’s, and thoroughly enjoying what I was doing because I’ve been watching ‘the Prisoner’ again. Oh not via a video or DVD, but an actually television screening of the series. It’s wonderful, as both my enthusiasm and appreciation for ‘the Prisoner’ feels renewed somehow. It’s funny how a television transmission of the series can do that. It’s something I, and so many of my contemporaries have been waiting for, for so long a time. It might well be the case that ‘True Entertainment’ screen ‘the Prisoner’ on a loop, to begin screening the series again after ‘Fall Out’ as they have with other ITC series.

   I’m still amazed at how ‘True Entertainment’ have treated ‘the Prisoner.’ The two commercial breaks are exactly where they were when ITV original screened the series in 1967, only the special ‘Prisoner’ commercial bumpers are missing. When ‘True Entertainment’ screened ‘The Persuaders’ there had already been one commercial break before the first one that takes place during ‘the Prisoner’ which would have made two! And now they are screening ‘The Avengers” and have not altered the picture ratio aspect from 4:3 to 16:9, unlike that of ‘the Prisoner.’ So with that all out of the way, all that remains now is to look forward to tonight’s screenings.

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