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Saturday 4 March 2017

The Pri50ner

    What is it you find most fascinating about ‘the Prisoner?’ For myself it might be how after ‘Checkmate’ Number 6 stopped making escape attempts. That might have been because he had exhausted all the ways of attempting escape. One might be of the opinion that he could have attempted twice more to escape, after all in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ he had broken Number 2, but even then the way out still remained closed to him. ‘It’s Your Funeral’ may well have proved an easier escape, after all Number 6 had the ticket out of The Village. The bomb hung about the new Number 2’s shoulders, and he with the detonator. But no, Number 6 realized there was no escape for him, that’s why he gave the opportunity to the recently retired Number 2, while Number 6 remained behind to stop Number 2 from removing that Great Seal of Office from about his shoulders. And the question is, had Number 6 taken the opportunity to escape by that method, who was there he could have trusted enough to delay Number 2 from removing the Great Seal and taking action?

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