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Friday 24 March 2017

The Therapy Zone

    “The Village, where is this Village?” the Colonel asked. Well it’s not where Number 6 thought it was! Is the Colonel sure he hasn’t got a Village? Well of course he has, he’s in it, and the plan didn’t work! It made a change the Colonel asking Number 6 the questions, but the result was the same as if Number 2 had been asking them. Perhaps the Colonel should have read ZM73’s letter of resignation before he left England for The Village, he might have found it enlightening! I wonder what happened to that letter? ZM73 handed it in alright, to that bureaucrat sat behind that desk of his. But what did he do with it? Perhaps he handed it to the next person in the chain of command, PR12 perhaps, who probably gave it to the Colonel. So one would have expected the Colonel to read the letter, I should have thought it would have contained the reason why ZM73 had resigned from his job. But then again there is always the possibility that the letter was not seen or read by the Colonel at all, but had been filed away in one of those grey filing cabinets seen during the opening sequences to ‘the Prisoner.’ Who would have access to it then? Who can say, perhaps the letter was never seen by anyone again, just left to remain there in one of those grey drawers of a filing cabinet marked “letters of resignation,” or some such thing. But it was a long time ago now, 50 years, or as good as, and any importance to such a letter would be long past, and probably open to a “freedom of information” request. If a man can’t chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass. But then I suppose it all has to do with the man and the kind of work he used to do. Some jobs one can simply walk away from and there’s no comeback. While others, jobs which are of a secret, a top secret, and confidential nature are not so easy to walk away from, not without repercussions of one kind or another.

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