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Sunday 12 March 2017

True Entertainment To Screen The Prisoner!

   Commencing tomorrow night {March 13th 2017} at 9pm, and on subsequent Monday nights, ‘True Entertainment’ FREEVIEW Channel 61 or FREESAT 142 are to commence screening ‘the Prisoner’ with two episodes per night. This for the first time since ITV4’s screening several years go.     
   I did think this exciting news, and I shall be watching the first episode, but not the second, as I expect the episodes to be cut. I have no desire to spoil things for viewers, but currently ‘True Entertainment’ are screening the 1960’s series ‘The Persuaders,’ and although like ‘the Prisoner’ it’s a 50 minute series ‘True Entertainment has cut it to accommodate the 15 minutes of TV commercials instead of the usual ten, losing about five minutes of the episode! I shall sit with a notebook to note the cuts I expect to see!

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  1. The Prisoner, when first shown on German TV in 1969, was uncut simply because it was on public TV (like the BBC), commercials only in the early evening, not-yet prime-time hours. But the half hour Danger Man episodes were exactly in that time slot. Their pre-credit sequences were all trimmed. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Here in 1967 when 'the Prisoner' was first screened by ITV there were only two commerical breaks, one after twenty minutes, and another after 40 minutes. Many TV stations today have the first commerical break after a mere ten minutes, or sometimes it's after only five minutes!!
      What a thing to have done regarding the 25 minute episodes of 'Danger Man,' because that pre-credit sequence sets up each episode!

      Best regards

  2. It's being shown in CROPPED WIDESCREEN. (Bangs head against wall.)

  3. Hello Lee M,
    Thank you for that piece of information. It looks good, but with cropped wise-screen it cuts off the bottom of the picture! And yet the closing credits are normal 4:3 for 'the Prisoner,' but amended slightly so to fill wide-screen!
    I wasn't all that happy with the wide-screen effect when I began to watch 'Arrival,' in fact I attempted to change the picture to its normal 4:3 "letter Box" picture aspect, but found I couldn't. So I put up with it, and now I've grown used to it.

    Be seeing you