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Sunday 19 March 2017

The Miraculous Doings Of The Village Cat!

   There the cat sits, on the same table watching Number 6 walk across the beach towards The Village, exactly where it sat as it watched Number 6 cast off and set sail aboard his raft some 27 days earlier. Number 6, having returned to The Village walks up the cobbled path back to his cottage, and as he does so there is no sign of the cat. Presumably it’s still on the table on the lawn of the Old People’s Home. Number 6 enters his cottage, the door closes behind him the water is turned back on, the electricity is turned back on, and there’s still no sign of the cat. And yet there is the cat on the carpet in the lounge before the door opens and Number 2 walks in bearing a cake. So how did the cat get in the cottage? Being a cat owner of two cats myself, I realize how fleet of paw my two cats are. I know that there are times when Pushkin can be outside the one minute, and then be inside the house the next without my realizing it, Mr. B likes to announce himself when he comes in. But The Village cat must be truly fleet of paw, and very clever to get into the cottage through a closed door {there being no cat flap and before the electricity is turned back on} because until this moment there has been no sign of the cat in the cottage. And yet there she is. Funny how its taken me fifty years to realize that. I don’t know why, but I’ve always imagined the cat to go into the cottage at Number 2’s feet. One might think the cat nips into the cottage behind Number 6, or before he closes the door behind him. Yet there is no evidence for that in the scene!

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