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Thursday 2 March 2017

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    There’s been a question of time, regarding certain episodes, that too much undue pressure is being placed on Number 2, even the suggestion that Number 2 is running out of time. Well if you ask me it’s Number 1 who’s running out of time! I mean to say one Number 2 was only given a week in order to extract the reason why Number 6 resigned. A week, I ask you. If Number 2 couldn’t get Number 6 to give up the reason behind his resignation in about a year, he wasn’t going to do it in a week was he now? But more than that Number 2 wasn’t allowed to use the usual methods, nothing extreme, they weren’t allowed to break him, or damage the tissue, they didn’t want a man of fragments. Anyone would think Number 1 didn’t want to know why Number 6 resigned, and even if he had found out, what then? Perhaps Number 1 hoped that they could turn Number 6 in order to work as an agent for The Village, a man of his calibre. You never know, in time they could have brought Number 6 back to The Village as an interim Number 2 in order to deal with an exceptionally difficult prisoner. Someone who wouldn’t talk for example, but who had knowledge that needed to be extracted. As Number 2, Number 6 would have expert knowledge of what not to try, and what it takes to break a man of steel that he once was! I think that would be rather a novelty. The next time the Prisoner comes back to The Village, he should come back as Number 2!

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