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Thursday 30 March 2017

Village Life!

   On the morning Number 6 woke up to find The Village deserted, there is an empty milk bottle on the doorstep of his cottage, Number 6 having placed it there the evening before. This indicates that there is a milk delivery made each day. And yet that same empty milk bottle is still on the doorstep the day Number 6 returns to The Village. Obviously no milk deliveries had been made recently. Because even with Number 6 away, the milkman should still have collected the empty milk bottle, perhaps even leaving his daily pinta, after all Number 6 had not left a note cancelling the milk. But perhaps there have been no milk deliveries, seeing as the milkman was away from The Village on special assignment!

   Here is The Village milkman working undercover, whilst delivering milk to the Kitting Out Room of an aerodrome. But I bet he doesn’t drive a milk float like this one in The Village.

   Rather than a milk float like the one above, more likely its one of those canopied garden tractors towing a trailer behind it, perhaps bearing the slogan on the sign ‘Village Milk Is Better Milk.’

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