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Monday 6 March 2017

Hold It!

    That gave Number 6 a nasty jolt, when that photographer chappie said “Hold it!” It may be imagined that at that moment, having gone to all the trouble to escape The Village, to have survived his ordeal at sea, and having managed to return to London, that his fresh found freedom was about to be taken from him. When he spun round to see that it was only some chap taking a photograph of a young girl, the relief he felt at that moment must have been the same relief he experienced back in The Village when having heard the sound of breaking crockery, he turned to see it was only the cat! And so on his way he went, without realizing that he was the very core of a highly calculated and intricate plan. And like every web there is a spider at its centre, only in this case there’s Mrs. Butterworth!

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