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Thursday 30 March 2017

Bomb Disposal!

    In ‘Dance of The Dead’ Number 2 said she would warn the doctor-Number 40 when Number 6 puts a bomb in his lovely hospital. Now where would Number 6 get the material to make a bomb? If he didn’t have the chemicals required in his cottage, he could probably buy them from the General Store, where he bought the Cuckoo clock that time. He fooled Number 2, by playing on his paranoia, into thinking that Number 6 had planted a bomb inside a Cuckoo clock at the door of the Green Dome. Number 2 had bomb disposal called out to deal with the suspicious device. Two chaps in an un-marked Mini-Moke came speeding through The Village with its siren blaring out, not that it was much of a siren, because it wasn’t. Two men in plain Village attire, but with tin hats, I think they were American, of the type American oil men wear. Oh yes, and they had a green litter bin with them. This is bomb disposal done on the cheap, the two men had no protection whatsoever. Carefully they lifted the Cuckoo clock into the litter bin, and made it safe and secure with rolled up padding, to keep it from being jolted. They carried the litter bin down the steps to the waiting Mini-Moke with bystanders watching at very close quarters. The two bomb disposal men they drove the device away, very slowly to a safe place where another bomb disposal man in white coat and tin hat carefully and very expertly dismantled the Cuckoo clock only to find that’s just what it was!
    So far there has only been talk of a bomb, and the threat of a bomb which turned out to be a false alarm. But then came Appreciation Day, and the real and present danger of the assassination/execution of Number 2 who was about to retire. There he stood on the balcony of the Gloriette, with the bomb hung about his head and shoulders hidden in the Great Seal of Office. This assassination/execution had been weeks in the planning, Plan Division Q, the grooming of the watchmaker, the making of the replica of the Great Seal of Office, the bomb and its detonator. It’s just as well the bomb wasn’t actually detonated, and it might have been, by accident in the struggle between Number 6 and Number 100. Mind you if it had been it wouldn’t just have been Number 2 who had died in the explosion, and think of the mess, blood, gore, and sinew all over the place and the people standing in that confined space of the balcony!
   This only goes to prove that it would be possible to make a bomb in The Village. After all the plastic explosive, supplied by Number 100, inside the replica of the Great seal had to have come from somewhere!

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