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Thursday 7 December 2017

A Favourite Scene

  It’s a small scene in ‘A B And C,’ in which Number 14 is buying a bunch of flowers. I’ve wondered who is Number 14 buying the flowers for? Her husband, boyfriend, her lover, or one of the patients at the hospital? The last seems unlikely, the others highly improbable. So she is buying the flowers for herself, how sad.
  The flower seller says she knows everyone, who is ill, and who is getting better. But it’s a strange place for a flower seller to have set up her stall just about outside 6 Private. Usually flower sellers set up for business outside the hospital, that way they are sure of a continuous trade, or in the centre of The Village. And yet had this little scene taken place outside the hospital, or anywhere else for that matter, Number 6 couldn’t have come to the door of his cottage to see Number 14 outside. Because it was seeing Number 14 at the flower stall that triggered his memory of the night before, hence his sudden look at his wrist to discover the bruised needle mark!

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