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Wednesday 27 December 2017

Village Life!

    “You’re making that 99 last!”
    “When you’ve got something good you don’t rush it.”
    “Nibbling away on it like that, you’re an irritating man.”
    “That’s been said about me before.”
    “Are you going to finish that ice cream?”
    “It wasn’t the flavour of the day!”
    “They hadn’t got any strawberry, they had sold out!”
    “Sold out?”
    “Everyone had bought the flavour of the day, what do you expect?”
    “Couldn’t they get some more?”
    “Not in time, no.”
    “So you got me vanilla!”
    “With a chocolate flake, don’t forget the flake.”
    “Oh that makes all the difference. You’re just in a mood because you didn’t get an ice cream!”

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