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Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Pr50ner

    I always feel sorry for the Butler, falsely accused of being “in” on a nonexistent conspiracy, and told to get out of Number 2’s house! I always think what a forlorn figure the diminutive Butler is, as he leaves carrying all his worldly goods in a single suitcase. Of course The Green Dome isn’t really Number 2’s house, because although it’s called his residence he doesn’t actually live in it. A residency yes, in the term that it’s Number 2’s office! What’s more seeing as the Green Dome isn’t a house, the Butler didn’t live there either, he lived in the annex round the back of the building. But I suppose the annex is really the servant’s quarters which only went with the job!
   So where was the
Butler going? It might well have been the Citizens Advice Bureau, seeing as he’s now homeless, and for that matter unemployed, so he’s bound to want some advice about his rights. And then to the Labour Exchange, although it might be difficult for him to get work, after all who else but Number 2 is likely to want to employ a Butler? The Professor and his wife perhaps. Mind you this might not be the first time the Butler has had to relinquish both his position and his home. It may have happened before when Mrs. Butterworth arrived in The Village, especially if she brought her housemaid with her! I couldn’t see Martha suffering the Butler’s presence for very long! Never mind, the Butler will soon be reinstated to his position, once the next interim Number 2 is ensconced in the Green Dome!

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