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Friday 29 December 2017

No.6’s Brand!

    You know, you have to hand it to Number 2 and the administration. They go to any lengths in order to make the citizens feel at home, even to the point of having Number 6’s favourite brand of cigar imported to The Village.  Wonder what brand of cigar that is? Mind you whenever have we seen Number 6 smoke a cigar previous to ‘The Schizoid Man,’ or even after? Never, that’s when, and not even then! Because there’s a piece of plastic running through that cigar so that when the cigar is lit the piece of plastic melts, or burns, or something, making Number 6 cough. He should have chosen one of those black Russian cigarettes instead! And yet for those of a questioning disposition, it might be asked what Number 6’s brand of cigar were doing in ‘12 Private?’

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