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Saturday 16 December 2017

Thought For The Day

    It’s a pity that Number 6 had to go running back to his ex-colleagues, the Colonel and Thorpe, one might have thought Number 6 would have learned from his lesson the last time with the Colonel and Fotheringay! Just imagine if Number 6, oh I forgot, he doesn’t like to be called that, just imagine what might have happened had Number 6 gone running back to his ex-colleagues in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ and found both the Colonel and Fotheringay of ‘Chimes’ instead of the Colonel and Thorpe! I mean to say, how did Number 6 know he wouldn’t? There is no possible way of knowing that the Colonel and Thorpe had replaced them. Why were they replaced, had they been found out? Perhaps those embarrassing questions Number 2 mentioned during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ had been unavoidable, and cost both Fotheringay and the Colonel their jobs! That was lucky for Number 6, otherwise it would have been very unfortunate!

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