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Thursday 14 December 2017

Quote For The Day

   “Is your Number Six?”
                      {The telephone operator and the Prisoner – Arrival}
    “Is your number Six?” I’ve always thought that a clever ruse, I mean the telephone operator knew exactly which number she was calling, and a neat way of getting the Prisoner to acknowledge his number for the first time. Well that’s the way I like to look at the scene. Although there is a more mundane way of looking at it, and which is in all likelihood the right way, is that when the Prisoner is asked by the telephone operator “Is your number 6?” he glanced down and looked at the number on the telephone dial, it was six, so what else was he bound to say except “Yes.” Especially having seen the number of his cottage on the sign post outside, ‘6 Private,’ so he naturally thought 6 was the number of the cottage he was in, and not as his personal number. Because at that time he didn’t know that everyone in The Village was known by a number and not a name!

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