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Monday 18 December 2017

Thought For The Day

    Is Potter of ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ supposed to be the same Potter in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ but played by a different actor? The second Potter doesn’t seem to me to be a man of action, certainly not action with a capital “A,” and yet he had an assault rifle hidden away in a cricket bag. But presumably, and I had not previously considered this, the cricket bag belonged to the Colonel, and so too the rifle. Well I couldn’t see Potter killing anyone, after all he didn’t make a very good back up man to the Colonel. No this Potter is more of a desk Johnny! Whereas the first Potter is, or was most definitely a man used to working in the field. But he didn’t fair much better than the second Potter, he lost Doctor Seltzman, and got himself gassed in the process. The best hope for him would be to find himself taken to The Village. Otherwise he might well suffer the same treatment as the second Potter! And yet the second Potter was in The Village, working as the manager of the Labour Exchange, later he was moved to assist Number 2, not that there was much for him to do when he was. Perhaps that’s why the last we see of Potter in ‘Chimes’ is in the Control Room, as assistant to the Supervisor perhaps? Mind you I don’t think there was enough work to keep Potter busy as manager of the Labour Exchange, seeing as he was too busy playing with that wooden construction set. Especially when the Prisoner had knocked it to the floor, Potter then busied himself with putting it back together.
   Of course there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that the same Potter is the manager of the Labour Exchange, or that that character is the same character of the assistant to Number 2 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ I’m probably making a flagpole out of a matchstick, but it’s been fun doing it. And I do so like to put things together this way. And even if the three characters played by Christopher Benjamin are not meant to be the same, there’s still no reason why they cannot be. And yet the opinion of Christopher Benjamin himself, was that he believed that Potter in ‘the Prisoner’ was not the same Potter character in ‘Danger Man.’ However after watching the clip from ‘Danger Man – Koroshi,’ and the three clips from ‘the Prisoner’ at this year’s Prisoner Convention he said “Now I’m beginning to wonder if it was that Potter in Danger Man who was in the Prisoner.” “I’m beginning to think they should have been Potter, the Potter from Danger Man, but why didn’t someone tell me that I was still Potter?”

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