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Sunday 24 December 2017

The Departure!

    What makes Number 2 make the helicopter pilot turn back at the end of ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ and what might that hold for the new Number 2? Perhaps it’s as he said, it didn’t matter where he goes, they would catch up with him eventually. So perhaps he thought he would be better off serving out his retirement in the Old People’s Home, and the peaceful atmosphere of The Village. But what of the new Number 2? It was bad enough for him that plan Division Q was an unmitigated disaster, the fact that the retired Number 2 had escaped only compounded his failure. But now the retired Number 2 is coming back, what might that hold for this newly appointed Number 2? He didn’t look too happy to see the helicopter heading back towards The Village, in fact he looked damned annoyed, and more than a little confused!

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